>> Accueil Team Contacts
Name Position
Patrick VOVAN Patrick VOVAN Managing partner
Luis CAPIN Luis CAPIN Founding partner, Mexico office
Philippe DELECLUSE Philippe DELECLUSE Partner
Laxami WARAPRASART Laxami WARAPRASART Partner, Bangkok office
Frédéric FAVRE Frédéric FAVRE Managing partner, Bangkok office
Thomas CHEN Thomas CHEN Partner, Beijing office
Carine CHAIX Carine CHAIX Associate, in charge of the Public Law department
Stanley ROWE Stanley ROWE Partner, London office
Bouchra ZEROUALI Bouchra ZEROUALI Of counsel, in charge of the Labour Law department
Anne-Cécile LOUISGRAND Anne-Cécile LOUISGRAND Associate
Martina BARCAROLI Martina BARCAROLI Of counsel
Alain VANDAMME Alain VANDAMME Founding parnter, Brussels'offices
Paul BRISSET Paul BRISSET Associate
Jérôme HONG-ROCCA Jérôme HONG-ROCCA Of counsel
Frédéric ROUVILLOIS Frédéric ROUVILLOIS Professor in public law
Raphaële GINDRE Raphaële GINDRE Paralegal
Xavier BOUILLOT Xavier BOUILLOT Lawyer in public law