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VOVAN & ASSOCIES is established in Belgium since 2001 in partnership with Alain G. VANDAMME’s law firm, which diligence and competence provides to VOVAN & ASSOCIES Bruxelles, its national and international clients, from bath public and private areas, from small, medium-sized enterprises as well as multinational firms, a tool allowing their development in Belgium.

The still increasing development of bath the European market and the globalisation naturally leads  VOVAN & ASSOCIES to always extend the development of its practice areas, which enables it to efficiently assist its clients and rapidly answers to the needs of its clients using high technology and willing to be on the top of law.

To this end, our Bruxelles office covers various practice areas such as insurance, communication, data processing, bank operations, construction, real estate companies, strip cartoon publishing, advertising, car industry, publishing, natural resources, national and international transportation, environment, urbanism, public transactions and temporary job. In any area, we are proud of the success of our clients and their faithfulness remains the guarantee of our contribution to their rise and success.

Alain G. VANDAMME's twenty-five year experience, as its representative, offers to VOVAN & ASSOCIES Brussels' clients the guarantee of a strong expertise in business law and particularly corporate, mergers and acquisitions law, national and international taxation, as well as more specific taxation of the car industry, tax planning, debt-recovery and European air transportation laws.

Furthermore, to facilitate interactions and communication with its clients, French, English and Dutch languages are fluently spoken in our Brussels office.


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106 Bd Brand Whitlock, B-1200 Bruxelles
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