Public law

Le Cabinet VOVAN & ASSOCIES assists and defends:


  • local authorities;
  • public institutions; 
  • semi-public companies;
  • members of the civil service and elected representatives; 
  • private companies in their relationship with the civil service.


We assist local authorities and public institutions at every stage of their projects:

  • conception;
  • piloting of procedures;
  • pre-litigation and negotiations;
  • Litigation.


In the management of a public project, our law firm:

  • Assists in the elaboration of the project:

    - identification of the problems and solutions;
    - stressing of the pros and cons of each possibility, as well as their agenda;
    - legal assistance, taking into consideration the financial, technical and managerial issues at stake.


  • Secures the procedures:

    - anticipation of pre-litigations risks;
    - understanding of the actual day-to-day issues, so that our legal advices are constructive and useful in consideration of the public project.

  • Manages any possible pre-litigation and litigation strategies:

    - coordination of private and public litigation;
    - combination of negotiation and litigation on a case-by-case basis .